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Saturday, July 11, 2009

pigs in a blanket

click here for a super tasty recipe for pigs in a blanket...i used hebrew national kosher beef hotdogs (because we're kind of hotdog snobs around our house...and because our costco stocks these and we can get a great deal!) and replaced half of the flour in the recipe with whole wheat flour. YUM! i made them this morning to stock up the freezer for quick lunches after the baby's arrival...and they came out of the oven right around lunchtime, so we ended up scarfing some down for lunch. the whole family approved.

i would make one suggestion. on my second batch i divided the dough into three balls instead of two, and it made for a more proportional pig to blanket ratio! :) the first batch was a bit over-breaded in our opinion.

i also made a variation and tried putting lil' smokies in some....hoping they might make a quick grab-n-go breakfast for VBS this week (and for mike in the mornings as he rushes out the door to work!)...and they worked great. i put two smokies (kind of staggered them) per "blanket"...you could surely use links as well. i just had picked up the lil' smokies on a whim since i had coupons that made them less than fifty cents a package! (and since elizabeth might have LOVED them during our boat-in pancake breakfast last week--we obviously don't buy them regularly, as that was the first time she had ever tasted a smoky link!--poor deprived girl...)

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